Extrusion Plant

Extrusion Plant

HMT Höfer Metall Technik is a state-of-the-art and techno¬logically qualified extrusion plant which offers the highest productivity and a broad spectrum of extruded quality profiles.

Our approximately 200 employees and trainees produce yearly around 20.000 tons of aluminium profiles, using the most modern machine technology. Two fully automatic extrusion lines, with press capacities of 18 MN and 20 MN respectively, are at their disposal.

The finished aluminium profiles comply with the highest customer requirements for precision and surface quality. Our independent extrusion plant supplies a growing international clientele in the automobile and construction industry, among others.

We have established an efficient quality management system on the basis of the ISO TS 16949 in order to satisfy our high demands. Altogether, we guarantee you the highest quality at the best production costs.

Best in class

Due to cost leadership in production we can provide the most com-petitive conditions together with the highest quality requirements.



Our own foundry at the Hettstedt location has been in operation since 2006, producing daily up to 30 tons of aluminium billets in the vertical casting.

Our qualified employees cast precise aluminium billets to your individual requirements under the required technical conditions. In our foundry oven with 12 tons capacity we refound aluminium scrap every day, which is processed to alloys according to either international standards or custom-specified wishes.

We can optimally merge cost benefits and quality requirements by means of international purchases and by replenishment of the pre-material requirements from our own foundry ? to our customers? advantage.


By the consistent subsequent processing of recycled materials, we are constantly working to optimize the value chain.

Our flexibility is your advantage.

Research and Development

Research and Development

To meet the high requirements of our customers and to ensure our enduring competitiveness, we continuously work our on improvement programme.

In close cooperation with our suppliers we develop new die technologies. By using precision dies we ensure high service life, excellent surface quality, adherence to the narrowest tolerances as well as a high productivity. The continuous improvement in our process technology constantly raises efficiency in the extrusion plant.

The use of our metallurgical know-how constantly leads to the development of new alloys which rise to meet the increasing market challenges.

Develop new technologies with us. We offer you the chan¬ce to actively participate in product developments, from the concept creation to the maturity phase.

Technology and know-how

Use our technical know-how, the experience of our designers,
and the unity of our team.

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