Total Quality Management

Total Quality Management

HMT Höfer Metall Technik is certified according to ISO TS 16949 and ISO 50001. A total and efficient quality management system ensures the constant consideration and implementation of all customer requirements. Our proven quality management system is the basis for both customer satisfaction and employee motivation.

We aim to fulfil the latest environmental standards. In order to reduce environment emission to a minimum, the foundry has been furnished with the latest exhaust extraction systems and filter technology. Our emissions are considerably under the legally demanded standards.

By means of ongoing programmes for the reduction of the energy consumption and for the increase of material efficiencies in the company, we are accomplishing an essential contribution to CO2 reduction.

Zero defect strategy

Having the status of an A supplier thanks to our performance: this is our goal.

Technical Details

  • chemical specification:
    According to DIN EN 573-3, preferred alloy
    EN AW 6060 or according to customer specification

  • dimension:
    max. diameter of circumscribed circle: 140 mm for cavity profiles and 180 mm for flat profiles
    weight per metre:
    min. 0.10 kg/m
    max. 7.00 kg/m

  • delivery conditions:
    in accordance with national and international standards, as well as according to agreement

  • tolerances:
    according to DIN EN 12020 - 2, DIN EN 755 - 9, DIN EN 755 - 8 or as per agreement

  • lengths:
    Standard trade length = 6000 mm
    Custom lengths Ç 6000 mm and lengths È 6000 mm
    up to 14000 mm by agreement

  • packaging:
    according to agreement

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